Mai 2014

Fått distributørrettighetene i Norge for Harbeth speakers

Harbeth UK is delighted to announce that, with immediate effect, Torry Haegeland of Hagto Audio has been appointed the brand's official distributor in Norway.
"We know there is a strong following for Harbeth products in Norway and Torry will be meeting customer needs across the country. We are delighted to have him on board", said Harbeth's MD Alan Shaw pictured here (left) with the new Norwegian distributor. "Torry has long been a personal user of Harbeth loudspeakers and knows the product line

extensively. He can now share this passion with our customers old and new."









April 2013

Fått distributørrettighetene i Norge og Sverige på EMMEspeakers fra Italia.


Februar 2013

Har fått distributørrettighetene, i Norge, Sverige, og Danmark for salg av forsterkere fra Clones Audio i Hong Kong.